VR Game Beat Saber Gets U.K. Distribution


Harry Levy Amusements, the prominent U.K. game manufacturer and distributor, has announced a new deal with the makers of The Virtual Arcade Cabinet to distribute the VR game Beat Saber. The new game is similar in look to a traditional arcade cabinet, and the Harry Levy says a single machine can go from shipping pallet to fully operational in 30 minutes. According to Harry Levy, the game has a footprint of 30 sq. ft., and has been optimized for throughput, uptime and ROI.

“Beat Saber burst on the scene in mid-2018 and instantly became a music/rhythm phenomenon,” said Matthew Deith, Commercial Director of Harry Levy Amusements. “People from every imaginable demographic love to play this game, and they love to watch their friends play. That’s why we are so excited to be distributing this product.”

Check it out at booth 600 if you’re attending the EAG show in London!


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