VR Arcade Area 151 Relocates


The California VR arcade Area 151 has made the move from the city of Shasta Lake to downtown Redding, according to KRCR. The business opened in Shasta Lake just over a year ago and currently has 10 different realities to explore, each developed and exclusively owned by Area 151 (they release a new one each year now).

Owner and Redding native Addam Yount said the move was due to customer demand. “Location is kind of what inspired the move – I wanted to get closer to all this beautifulness,” he said.

“A lot of people in Redding would always mention ‘Oh, if only you were somewhere else, if you were closer to me.’ So, moving closer to downtown not only gets me in a bigger space where I can do more and get more involved in the community, but it’s also just a prime location.”

Learn more at www.area151vr.com.


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