Virtuix Doubles Esports Prize Pool; Installs Omni Arena at Andretti’s



VR maker Virtuix announced a sizeable boost –– a doubling of $50,000 to $100,000 –– of its cash pool for the 2020 Omni Arena esports series, “making the Omni Arena esports series the largest VR esports competition in the world,” says the company. Partnering with HP, winning teams will receive an HP Reverb VR headset in addition to cash prizes.

“Our 2019 esports contests exceeded all expectations,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “More than 1,000 players in over a dozen countries participated. Given the success of the series, we are thrilled to double our prize pool for 2020.”

In Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly contests, four-player teams battle for the top spot on global leaderboards to win cash from the prize pool sponsored by Virtuix and HP. The company says this results in high repeat play, noting that “the ongoing contests are organized and managed entirely by Virtuix, so operators don’t have to do anything.”

The Arena uses four Omni motion platforms that enable players to run around physically inside video games like first-person shooters. The company boasts that the attraction “provides the only way to physically move around in competitive video games, adding an extra layer of excitement for both players and spectators.”

Added Goetgeluk, “The physical engagement of the Omni combined with competitive, multiplayer gaming is a winning formula for location-based entertainment that results in high repeat play. A $100,000 prize pool attracts gamers who play again and again. Our core players come back to compete every week.”

“We are excited to participate in the Omni Arena esports contest series,” said Joanna Popper, HP’s global head of VR for location-based entertainment. “Virtuix has built a competitive gaming experience that requires both video gaming skills and physical fitness. Such active esports offer a unique way for entertainment venues to reach a new audience of gamers, build a community of frequent players, and showcase the groundbreaking technology that HP is known for.”

Interested players can find more information and sign up here:

In other news, Virtuix has installed Omni Arena at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in Orlando, Fla., part of the company’s continuing rollout of the attraction nationwide (recent installations include Dave & Buster’s, Sky Zone, and FACE Amusement’s Rockin’ Raceway).

“We are thrilled to offer the Omni Arena experience to our guests in Orlando,” said Eddie Hamann, Andretti’s managing member. “Omni Arena is a groundbreaking attraction that takes virtual reality to the next level, allowing players to walk and run around inside popular video games. The attraction looks beautiful, and some of our guests play again and again thanks to its $100,000 esports prize pool.”

“Omni Arena is achieving a 30 percent repeat play rate across all our venues, among the highest in the industry,” said Goetgeluk. “Our goal for Omni Arena was to create an anchor attraction at entertainment venues that guests don’t just try once, but play again and again. We are excited to install Omni Arena at Andretti’s in Orlando, where we will showcase the attraction to VIP guests during IAAPA 2019.”

Virtuix is a platinum sponsor of IAAPA 2019 and will exhibit Omni Arena at booth #2686. Each day after the tradeshow ends, Virtuix will hold a happy hour at Andretti’s, allowing FEC operators to see Omni Arena running in an actual FEC environment.

Interested operators can sign up for a demo of Omni Arena at IAAPA 2019 here.



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