Video Gaming and Driving: Tesla’s Arcade Brings Concerns


According to The Verge, Tesla recently updated its software allowing vehicle occupants to play video games on the center touchscreen while in motion, prompting safety concerns.

In a Tesla Model 3, Sky Force Reloaded, Solitaire and The Battle of Polytopia are all playable on the center touchscreen. A notification asks the player to confirm they aren’t the driver before launching the game, but that is an obviously weak deterrent for drivers intent on video gaming while driving.

A spokesperson for NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) said they were discussing the issue of playable video games in moving cars with Tesla.

“Distraction-affected crashes are a concern, particularly in vehicles equipped with an array of convenience technologies such as entertainment screens,” the spokesperson told Reuters. “We are aware of driver concerns and are discussing the feature with the manufacturer.”


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