VEX Solutions Releases E-Book to Support Location-Based VR


Free-roam VR provider VEX Solutions has released an e-book about operating location-based VR equipment that speaks to overall concerns and running such attractions in these COVID-dominated times. The content of the e-book was generated by surveys conducted earlier this year of location-based VR around the globe, combined with data from their own three years of experience operating and building such attractions.

In the 40-page book, the company covers such topics as common misconceptions about VR, the importance of quality content and marketing along with specifics on VEX systems. They also talk about operations related to COVID-19 and the importance of providing transparent and efficient systems for keeping the equipment clean and sanitized.

“We wanted to share our experience with the LBE and LBVR community because that is how our industry will come out stronger,” said CEO Julien Henricot. The result of their efforts, the “How to make money with virtual reality?” e-book is available free of charge on VEX’s new blog section on its website: The company says the goal of the blog is to be a portal of information for current and future VR operators while also serving as a hub for VEX Solutions-related insights and news.


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