Apex Entertainment Says Massachusetts COVID Rules “Make No Sense”


The owner of Apex Entertainment in Marlboro, Mass., was fined for allegedly breaking pandemic guidelines, and is speaking out against the state’s rules, saying they don’t make sense and are killing businesses.

“You can go to a casino, and the state can share in their revenue stream, but we can’t open our arcade,” Apex owner Robert Walker told CBS Boston. “That makes no practical sense. How do we pay our bills? How does that business survive? How do we pay our utilities when the PPP money runs out? How do we even get back to our staff members who are desperately looking to get back to work so they can pay their mortgage?”

Walker is part of a group of businesses and organizations suing Gov. Charlie Baker in a case set to go before the state’s highest court in September. Under Massachusetts’ reopening plan, arcades are part of Phase 4, which won’t allow them to open until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19.


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