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Stomping Out Covid

Uvisan, an Immotion Group Company, Says It Kills Covid with UVC

In an age when cleaning and viral transmission are at the top of everyone’s mind, Uvisan believes its UVC cabinets are the ultimate sanitizing solution for location-based VR.

The UVC technology kills 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria, and Uvisan cabinets can sanitize up to 30 headsets in five minutes. The cabinets are battery powered, too, so they can also charge and store headsets, and are portable in your arcade or FEC.

“We have a product that has been tested properly, has the correct certifications and there’s a greater market need for this product today,” said David Cartwright, head of lead generation at Uvisan, whose parent company is the location-based VR experts at Immotion Group.


The U.K.-based team started developing the cabinets in 2019 and saw an explosion in interest with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have units around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and their largest location at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Mainly, they’ve partnered with aquariums, LEGO Learning Centers and other location-based VR facilities, but they also work with universities, the U.K.’s National Health Service, film productions and media outlets.

Uvisan said they worked on their cabinets with the goal of making the process for operators as smooth as possible. “We couldn’t find anything on the market that ticked all the boxes,” said Jarek Salek, the company’s head of technology.

He explained that UVC is really one of the only solutions for cleaning VR headsets because you cannot use moisture (like wet wipes) or corrosive chemicals on them. In fact, HP has recommended their cabinets as a safe and effective solution for cleaning their VR headsets.

Operators who’ve implemented the simple-to-use cabinets have been more than happy. “I can give my customers peace of mind when they receive safe and clean devices,” said Lez Grzyl, director of VR-Here. “It gives them reassurance they need and shows how much we care as a business about the safety of our staff and customers.”

Now, they’re working on a total room disinfection product, Salek said. “When the pandemic kicked in, we knew we had to add something else,” he added.

The system operates by wireless controller and detects living creatures within the area of disinfection. UVC light is harmful to humans when they come into direct contact with it, so Uvisan’s sensors have been built to detect even micromovements. That means even if someone’s asleep in your VR arena, for instance, the disinfecting system will know and won’t start.

That product recently entered the test market and is expandable with no limits. One controller is designed to work within a 30-meter radius.

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