UNIS Forms New VR-Focused Division


Universal Space (UNIS) recently announced a partnership between its new VR-focused division, Fun VR Tech, and Virtuix, the developer of the popular Omni motion platform. The is an expansion of Virtuix’s already successful collaboration with UNIS in China, where the two companies have installed dozens of Omni Arena VR gaming attractions. According to company heads, this new partnership will help the companies provide VR attractions globally.

“Our partnership with UNIS in China has exceeded our expectations,” Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, said. “UNIS has long standing expertise in the commercial entertainment market and has installed the Omni as part of their amusement packages in VR arcades, FECs and shopping malls.”

Virtuix is still fulfilling the remainder of its U.S. Kickstarter and pre-order packages, but seeks to supply the U.S. commercial entertainment market with Omni. In 2013, the company enjoyed a wildly successful and viral Kickstarter campaign that netted them over $1M in donations. Backers hoped to get a chance to use Virtuix’s omni-directional treadmills, which allow a player to walk infinitely in any direction virtually while staying in place in real life.

Omni Arena packages come for either two or five players, and Fun VR plans on selling single player setups as well.

“Fun VR Tech hopes to make active VR of this kind widely available, allowing professionals and commercial entertainment businesses to take full advantage of this technological marvel,” said Steven Tan, General Manager of UNIS.

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