IAAPA’s Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) 2017 concluded mid-June in Singapore and Universal Space (UNIS) reported that they had a terrific show, getting a lot of attention for its Lane Master bowling game (learn more about this game in RePlay’s July cover story).

UNIS’ Independence Day: Resurgence single-version debuted at this show as well. Players fight in a multi-level space battle, shooting moving targets in order to activate the mothership for a chance at winning a ticket bonus. Ever since the twin-version appeared at IAAPA last November, UNIS says some customers have asked for a single-player version of this licensed game to give them the same gameplay in a smaller footprint.

UNIS also exhibited Wildlife Pics for the first time. This two-player, interactive game takes players on a rafting adventure where they take photos of animals using a mounted camera controller.

These new titles and more will be at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando later this year, and you can see them online at UNIS’ website here.


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