Sonic Celebrates His Birthday


On June 23 this year, a certain iconic, speedy blue hedgehog celebrated his 26th birthday! That was the day in 1991 that the character first made his appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog. Since then, the character has become one of the most iconic figures in all video game history.

Sega celebrated the day by hyping their newest games featuring the character. Sonic Baby Air Hockey, the firm’s newest addition, is geared toward kids, while Sonic Dash Extreme takes players through an adrenaline pumping redemption game. Sega’s General Manager Justin Burke said that although Sonic has a nostalgic feel due to his connection to video game history, the character is more relevant than ever.

“Our Sonic-branded games have been growing steadily while demand has also continued to rise. We now ship more Sonic-branded games than ever before, due to great value, quality and income potential of these games. The current TV series and a multitude of consumer games on various platforms are helping players engage with this great license through various touch points.”

On the consumer side, Sega recently announced that they were offering Sonic and many other retro games for free on mobile devices for the first time. Learn more about that here or check them out on your smart phone! (Altered Beasts may not eat up quarters anymore, but it still eats up time!)

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