Triotech With New Game; Company Hits Milestone


Lots of Triotech news to report these days… Storm, a VR coin-op game, made its debut at their IAAPA booth. Players interact by simple hand and arm motion with the attraction – no controllers are used. The motion simulator comes with wind effects and Triotech’s exclusive content.

“It’s not only a thrill ride,” said founder, president and CEO Ernest Yale, “but also a side-by-side competition that players always enjoy.”

Triotech also announced at the trade show that it would partner with California’s Knott’s Berry Farm for its 100th anniversary in 2020, reviving the park’s iconic Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair. The 4D interactive dark ride attraction will be installed next summer.

In other Triotech news, the company hit a milestone recently at a Texas FEC. The XD Dark Ride interactive theater at Pinballz in Austin has welcomed more than 45,000 players since being installed in May 2017.

The 8-seat attraction allows for group play and an individual scoring system, which creates a unique competitive dynamic and encourages repeat visits, according to the company. To celebrate the milestone, Pinballz just added a new film to its library – the latest Triotech in-house movie Carnival. The game Alien Asteroid was also just made available.

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