TrainerTainment’s Standlee: “Re-Open in a Grand Way!”


In her latest newsletter, TrainerTainment founder and CEO Beth Standlee detailed how you can reopen your business in a grand way – with great plans making all the difference.

She said that now is the time to define your culture and core values, and institute new practices like social distancing that will at least be temporarily mandatory for nearly all businesses in the United States (and around the world). In a post-lockdown era, it’ll also be important to upgrade your visible cleaning and safety measures, Standlee noted.

Also paramount – properly training staff so they’re able to provide the best service under the new requirements. Standlee also recommended opening events that “build confidence with the public, yourself and the team.” Those could include a “friends and family” event, where half the staff works and the other half plays; a health care workers event; an event for first responders; or a grocery store workers event. Get creative!

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