Toy Lollipops Return; Parisi Vending Revisits Classic Idea


Frank Parisi, a long-time operator and the manufacturer of the All American Chicken machine, is always thinking of ideas to help operators make money. He has a sweet lollipop concept he thinks is ready for a comeback: Parisi Toy Pops, which feature a regular candy disc on one end and a toy on the other.

Toy pops were originally designed and manufactured in 1952 by the Eppy Charm Company, which was later purchased by Frank’s father in 1973. First created for the bulk vending operator as a “give-away” to promote goodwill with the store owner, operators soon used them as a profit center.

Said Parisi: “They’d call on their regular gumball machine accounts and sell the lollipops to the store owner, who’d use them as a giveaway young to children accompanying their parents when shopping. Sometimes they’d even sell them over the counter.”

Today, Parisi sees his Toy Pops as being ideal for candy crane mixes, dedicated cranes, redemption counters, honor boxes and more.

“Following upon the concept of bringing back the ‘eggceptionally’ profitable All American Chicken Machine,” he said. “I wanted to find another once-successful product that made an impact on the bulk vending industry. We’re also developing an electronic, animated lollipop vendor which we are currently testing on our routes.”

As he did with his chicken game, all the equipment is designed first for use on Parisi routes and then distributed to the amusement and bulk vending industry. Parisi Toy Pops come in a 1,000-count bulk box and are manufactured in the U.S. The first assortment contains eight miniature toys in assorted colors and other toy assortments are to come.

“These delicious lollipops come in five assorted flavors and are Kosher,” he said, adding that they are also designing a 36-count retail box for over-the-counter goods, as well as several other packaging options for increased future sales.

Operator pricing is $125.00 per thousand FOB Oceanside, N.Y. (11572) and can be purchased direct or through your local distributor. (Frank advised that he’s busy setting up distribution the Toy Pops and he welcomes inquiries. The first distributor to be appointed is Pioneer Sales and Service in Wisconsin.)

For more information, contact Frank by email at [email protected] or by phoning 516-678-3600, or reach out to Robert Reilly at [email protected] or 516-369-0285.


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