TouchTunes Unveils New Features With UPShow, Harbortouch


TouchTunes announced an exclusive partnership with UPShow, a social marketing and digital signage company that provides in-venue social TV entertainment. The partnership brings a new service, TouchTunesTV Powered by UPShow, that augments TouchTunes jukeboxes by turning a bar or restaurant’s TVs into a powerful social marketing platform that drives both jukebox awareness and customer engagement.

The new service leverages the UPShow platform to deliver value for venues by turning your customers into promoters. With TouchTunesTV, customers can get their 15 seconds of fame in the venue by simply including a venue-specific hashtag in their Instagram or Twitter posts. TouchTunesTV allows locations to build a social database of customers, and features tools and a mobile app to help venues manage the TouchTunesTV experience and engage with customers.

Additionally, TouchTunesTV offers digital signage capabilities that allow venues to showcase specials, events and any other marketing messages. The system is also integrated with the TouchTunes jukebox, showing customers what’s playing, what songs are next, top plays at the venue and more.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with UPShow to bring the next evolution of in-venue social TV to market,” said Ross Honey, president and CEO at TouchTunes. “The TouchTunesTV experience is a game-changer, creating exciting new opportunities for our operators and their locations.”

“Music and social media are a core part of the customer experience at bars and restaurants, so bringing them together with TouchTunesTV is a perfect partnership,” said Matt Gibbs, CMO at UPShow.

In other TouchTunes news, the company has contracted with the huge Harbortouch point-of-sale system providers to offer operators an unusual chance to make some additional income and possibly get some free jukes!

There are reportedly 65,000 bars and restaurants offering TouchTunes music. Qualifying operator locations will now be able to couple with a Harbortouch unit free of charge (and the system supplier will do all the installation work and manage all details and execution of the location sales process).

According to TouchTunes, as part of this exclusive partnership, operators will get a free Playdium model jukebox for each successful location that leads to the installation of a Harbortouch unit. The operators are also rewarded with a sales bonus and monthly residual payments if the sale is made. There are around 300,000 businesses across the country offering Harbortouch services.


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