AMOA Pops New Member Benefit Program


The national operator’s association, AMOA, has announced a brand new benefit program for its members through Heartland MicroPayments (a Global Payments company). AMOA’s EVP Lori Schneider said Heartland provides on-location payment access using a wireless hub, allowing simple cashless payments on a variety of methods from cards to Apple Pay and Samsung, etc. The system can support up to 30 machines with a single Wave Controller, and is targeted toward the street operator to help him/her integrate cashless payment simply and cheaply. Schneider hopes it will evolve over time and its something the AMOA’s distributing members can offer, too.

“As technology continues to evolve, AMOA has been examining ways we can assist our operator members not only in embracing available technology but with the added benefit of improving the bottom line,” said Gaines Butler, the association’s outgoing president.

“Through its relationship with AMOA, Heartland is excited to offer new and innovative cashless payment options to AMOA members,” said Leanne Price, Heartland VP. “Our WaveRider Amusements product line is designed to provide enhanced convenience and security to consumers in a changing payments landscape.”

“AMOA appreciates the efforts of Heartland in putting this member program together. Heartland understands the needs of our operators and we are proud to have them as our partner,” said Schneider.


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