TouchMagix at DEAL


TouchMagix will be showcasing their newest title Whacky Tracks, designed especially for kids, at the DEAL Expo this week in Dubai. Held March 28-30, they’ll also be showing off Mega Blaster and the all-new 65” SpaceWarp 66.

The company said the new Whacky Tracks, as well as the $1,400-a-week-earning Mega Blaster, are expected to be among the “highlights of the expo.”

“We teamed up with a global operations expert to develop Whacky Tracks once we realized that there was a clear market gap for dedicated skill games for children,” said TouchMagix CEO Jayest Kariya. “With a cool new game, the top 2-ranking Mega Blaster and SpaceWarp 66, we are doubly excited to showcase our latest creations for the first time ever in Dubai.”

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