TIL: You Can Watch Pro Pinball On Twitch.tv


TIL (internet colloquialism for “Today I Learned”) that you can watch some of the best pinball players at some of the biggest pinball tournaments on the online gaming channel Twitch.tv. Growing popularity in streaming almost any video game imaginable (including Raw Thrills’ Big Buck Hunter, which enjoyed immense popularity on the website during their last World Championships) has led the website to branch out into different games, including pinball.

Several different channels exist to watch players play both virtual and tactile, real pinball games. You can go on anytime to watch highlights from different players, but the real attraction is live streaming the biggest pinball tournaments so pinheads around the world can tune in. The Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) has it’s own Twitch channel, and recently broadcast matches from Pinburgh 2016.

So if you’re looking for new tactics on your favorite table, or just wanting to tune in to the next big pinball tourney, check out Twitch and YouTube for all sorts of content. The PAPA has a YouTube page full of past tournament broadcasts, tutorials and more.


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