Betson Benefits from Face Place Certification Program


Last month, on July 20, Apple Industries held another edition of its day-long Distributor Certification Program, which focuses on the finer points of marketing, financial and technological capabilities of the company’s Face Place photo booths and other products.

In attendance were Rick Murphy from Betson Southeast (Marietta, Ga.), Steven Lamoreaux from Betson Utah (Salt Lake City), Bob Hansen from Betson Midwest (Decatur, Ill.), Sergio Santoy from Betson Texas (Dallas) and Jeff Lane from Betson Florida (Orlando).

Apple topper Allen Weisberg kicked off the day with a reintroduction of the photo booth concept. “The classic photo booth has entered American popular culture as squarely as baseball and hot dogs,” he stated.

Weisberg elaborated on the major differences between the photo booths of the 20th century and now. Highlighting features like the ability to up-sell social media sharing, Apple’s new Product Fulfillment Program which allows customers to order customized key-chains and more, all within the booth.

Weisberg also delivered the closing remarks, with Scott Avery, Kris Link, Joe DiGirolamo, Andrew Bloomfield and Mike Bloomfield speaking to the Betson reps in between. Topics covered included picture quality, vend prices, software development, assistance with Apple’s website and more.

“Leading operators have been passionate believers in Face Place for many years,” said Allen said. “That’s why our repeat sales have been so strong. Now, our Distributor Certification Program is bringing a growing number of America’s top distributors into the fold as ardent Apple supporters.”

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