This Could Get Interesting: Disney Cites Interactive Games Patent


Disney has taken note of the growing popularity of location-based, interactive experiences that utilize new tech like projection mapping, virtual reality and augmented reality. The massive media conglomerate recently filed a patent titled “Location-Based Experience with Interactive Merchandise.”

It was filed by Jonathan Ackley and other inventors at Walt Disney Imagineering. (Ackley got his start designing computer games for Lucas Arts; after moving to Disney, he was one of the designers behind the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive game at Walt Disney World in Orlando.)

The patent details a multiplayer system where gamers can wear and hold various objects that, through gestures, would produce certain effects toward projected virtual adversaries. Think of fighting a holographic version of your most despised Disney villain, or fighting through a Star Wars experience with gloves that gave you virtual control over the Force (as the crude patent sketch above seems to show.)

For more information, see the patent here.


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