Tesla Tower Ready for Game Rooms Everywhere


Benchmark Games is electric over its new Tesla Tower. The new machine challenges players to stop the light on its ascending six levels; the higher a player gets, the faster the light goes and the more lucrative the reward gets, says the factory. The game is available for immediate shipment, and will be a staple feature of Benchmark’s 2017 Amusement Expo International booth in Dallas.

The visually-compelling Tesla Tower is designed with Nikola Tesla in mind, paying homage to the legendary inventor’s “Tesla Tower,” which was an early wireless transmission station he designed and built in 1902. Benchmark’s Tesla Tower joins the ranks of the factory’s other redemption games, including Monster Drop and others.

Tesla Tower, with its 360-degree visibility, LED light package and mesmerizing game play, is an instant game room show piece,” said sales VP Paula Rinker. “It has been specifically designed to add high impact for a value price.”

Benchmark President Al Kress is obviously bullish on the new title, too. “Tesla Tower adds to our tradition of building the industry’s most profitable games. Our games are high earning, hold their resale value, and enjoy long lasting customer retention. You rarely see a used Benchmark game for sale in an auction or listed in back of an industry trade publication,” Kress declared.

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