AMI Boosts BarLink App’s Marketing Power


AMI Entertainment has created new proximity marketing capabilities for its BarLink mobile app allowing the mobile users to have a more personalized and engaging experience while encouraging them to interact with AMI jukes more.

Through a combination of geofencing and beacons, AMI’s BarLink can automatically recognize when a user walks into a location with an AMI jukebox in it. Geofencing is an entirely software-based marketing tool, and can easily be turned on or off by the operator, location owner or customer.

According to AMI, beacons offer a more precise solution in locations equipped with a Bluetooth beacon device. Through a partnership with inMarket, the beacons allow AMI to work with third party advertisers and mobile app vendors to broaden the reach of messages brought to patrons in AMI BarLink-enabled locations.

“AMI is committed to improving the user experience of BarLink users in AMI locations,” said Ron Richards, AMI Chief Technology Officer. “Proximity marketing lets AMI reach out to patrons entering our locations, reminding them to use the jukebox and bringing them exciting offers to enhance the bar experience.”

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