SuzoHapp Acquires Coinco


Longtime parts supplier SuzoHapp has bought the primary currency and cashless product lines of Coinco (also known as Coin Acceptors). Noteworthy additions to the product line now include the Vantage VR6 note recycler and Iris line of cashless systems. Coinco service in North America will continue to be provided by the existing Coin Acceptors service network.

“This acquisition of the Coinco product lines is an important one for SuzoHapp, allowing us to provide our vending customers a more complete, technology-driven product offering,” said CEO Drew Scielzo. “Under the leadership of Jack Thomas, Coinco earned a strong reputation in the marketplace for delivering innovative and reliable payments solutions. We look forward to carrying on that legacy.”

As part of the acquisition, SuzoHapp hired commercial, engineering and operational employees from Coinco to provide support for new and existing customers. One of those hires, Ron Manne, is now VP of sales and marketing, focusing on the Coinco brand. “We’re excited to become part of the SUZOHAPP group and we look forward to contributing to the company’s future growth and continued success,” said Manne.


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