Sunview Fun Center Opening Go-Karts


Sunview, a family fun center that’s been in Edinboro, Pa., for 34 years, recently opened a new candy shop and also broke ground on a new go-kart track that’s expected to be ready this fall.

According to WJET, the go-kart track will cover about 1,200 feet and have 10 two-seater electric go-karts. Each race will take about 5-7 minutes.

“Kids can ride with their parents, so it’s not just high-speed older people events. It’s more of a family fun attraction to add to our business,” manager James Ramey explained. “Everyone has been excited. We’ve had it posted since we opened that go-karts were coming soon. People have asked when, what’s going on, how many, and what types of cars… everyone is very excited to get their chance to ride.”

Sunview primarily features a mini-golf course, but also has a driving range, batting cages and more. Additional info is available at


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