Stern Pinball Teases James Bond Machine


Stern Pinball announced yesterday, Sept. 6, that “in exactly 007 days” there will be a “very limited number of James Bond LE pinball machines available to purchase on the Stern Store.” That’s all for the limited details so far, but you can also click here to watch the teaser video.

You can also click here to be on stand-by to buy, where a clock is clicking down to Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. Central time, when the new game will be released. RePlay friend Adam Pratt of Arcade Heroes speculated about the game on his website, wondering if the game will focus on a single Bond or the whole franchise. (Another speculation making the rounds is that the game was designed by George Gomez.)

In other Stern news, the company recently created the account @SternStatus on Twitter to give operators and users all the latest maintenance, Insider Connected and code updates. Learn more at


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