Stern Pinball Releases New Avengers Machine


Keeping up with their three-a-year title releases, Stern Pinball just announced a brand-new game in its lineup – Avengers: Infinity Quest.

“The introduction of a new Stern game at this time will flame the pinball excitement we are all enjoying,” the company wrote. “We are experiencing fantastic pinball sales in this Covid-19 era. Although our factory has increased production to rates greater than those before we were forced to shut down, this year’s production of current model games is nearly sold out.”

As usual, they’ve released Pro, Premium and Limited-Edition versions of the game, which was designed by the same team that produced Iron Maiden and Jurassic Park. Production of the Pro model will begin next week; Limited-Edition models in mid-September; and Premium models in October.

Stern cited the great popularity of the Avengers brand for the timing of this pin. The recent movie Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing movie ever, and the superhero brand has more than 50 years of history in comic books and other media.

The new pinball machine features three flippers, three different multiballs, spinning targets and more. One of the ramps can be shot from any of the three flippers, which Stern said has never been done before.

Regarding a slight price change, the company noted: “When we all have gone shopping during this Covid era, we have noticed prices increasing, whether shopping for food, home appliances or anything else. Stern Pinball has suffered the same price increases for parts to make our games. The Avengers: Infinity Quest price of all models is $100 over previous cornerstone games.”

They added that they’re not changing the price of previous models this year, but a $100 increase on those earlier games will be added come January. Learn more about the game at


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