Sixth Course Set to Debut on Golden Tee 2018


Golden Tee players are in for a special treat this holiday season: Rattlesnake Ridge. This popular 18-hole golf course from the Golden Tee Fore! game series has been fully remastered and re-imagined to work with Golden Tee LIVE.

While the basic course and hole layouts of the original have been preserved, all new graphics and course objects have been added that are compatible with today’s technology. Also, a few of the holes have been adjusted to work with the wide variety of clubs, balls and tees now available in Golden Tee LIVE. Old-school players will enjoy the refreshed memory of an old favorite, and first-timers will enjoy the variety and high-scoring opportunities that the unique desert course offers.

Rattlesnake Ridge officially joins the course selection lineup on Jan. 1, 2018, and will automatically be available in every mode of play. But Incredible Technologies, the makers of Golden Tee Golf, have a few surprises in store before that date.

On Dec. 1, Rattlesnake Ridge will be available in the Daily Contest play mode, marking the first time players across the US will see the course. Players can enter the Daily Contest as often as they like during the 24-hour period, to improve their score and compete for cash prizes.

Once the Daily Contest has ended, Rattlesnake Ridge will then be accessed exclusively for Invitational contests for the next 30 days. Players can use the GT Caddy app or LIVEWIRE website to set up private contests with their friends across the country, and play these games on commercial machines

“Bringing back popular courses from a different version of Golden Tee shortens the development time so we can offer more courses this year,” said Don Pesceone, VP of amusements at IT. “We hope that a time-released schedule helps to attract players and keep them playing longer than ever before. If this proves successful, you can be sure we will continue the practice with future updates.”

Additional information on Golden Tee 2018 and Rattlesnake Ridge can be found here.


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