Silverball Saloon Swings Doors Shut


Host of the New York State Pinball Championship back in January, Silverball Saloon got its final high scores on Aug. 8, when it closed its doors for good. The East Rochester, N.Y., business was forced to shut shop permanently due to the economic fallout of Covid-19.

“The past few months have been just too much for us to survive with the pandemic and loss of business,” the pinball bar wrote on Facebook. In another post, they added: “We will miss welcoming people when they walked in the door, or saying goodbye as they left. I hope when you think of the Silverball Saloon, you think of the people and family we have grown to have and love the past 3 years.”

The business is selling its driving games, but keeping the pinball machines – all part of the personal collection of the owners. To help keep the fun going during the last few days of operation, a surprise visitor – the #1 pinball player in the world, Raymond Davidson – traveled to play at Silverball Saloon.


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