NEN, Vengo Team Up on In-Store Advertising


National Entertainment Network, a major, national game operator, has partnered with Vengo, a digital kiosk technology company, to launch a digital-out-of-home media platform for retail marketers and advertisers.

As part of the agreement, Vengo will integrate display screens running its digital media platform with NEN entertainment machines, “giving brands another way to deliver their messages to consumers at the point of sale across a network of thousands of grocery and retail stores and restaurants.” This serves as the first expansion of Vengo’s media platform beyond its own network of 1,400 interactive kiosks.

“NEN is excited to be launching this program with Vengo and leveraging its digital advertising network,” said NEN President Jim Sevalt. “NEN operates more than 45,000 gaming and vending machines nationwide across 15,000 retail, grocery and restaurant locations, and is continuously innovating new ways to engage consumers. The addition of a media network is a natural extension.” Learn more by contacting [email protected] or visit


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