Seybert’s Billiard Supply Acquires Penguin Amusements


Seybert’s Billiard Supply, based in Coldwater, Mich., recently bought Penguin Amusements, the leading manufacturer of replacement pool table rails in the U.S.

“Fred (Taylor) and the team at Penguin have built a reputation for producing the best rails in the industry and customers ask for them by name,” said Mark Horton, Seybert’s director of marketing. “We have sold Penguin rails for many years. Bringing Penguin into Seybert’s organization allows us to guarantee our customers access to the finest replacement pool table parts in the industry.

“With innovations like the ‘Pro Pocket,’ a rail system that converts a bar-room table into a tournament-style playing experience, we think we can help bring greater awareness to the options table owners have to take their game up a level, and hopefully we can create a couple of Michigan jobs in the process.”

Fred Taylor founded Penguin in 1986 and will continue working throughout the transition period. “I’ve been working with Seybert’s for years,” he said. “They are a great bunch of guys and I’m thrilled to have found someone who wants to take over Penguin who knows the industry and can help the team here grow and continue the work we have done.

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