Sensory-Friendly Bowling Event Hosted at Texas FEC


Grand Station Entertainment, located in College Station, Texas, recently hosted a group from Avocation Therapy, a business offering home and community based recreational therapy. The bowling center accommodated the group by opening earlier, lowering the music and adjusting the lighting, reported KXXV.

Alex Chizum, who has autism, was among those in attendance. He’s on the Special Olympics bowling team. “If you notice, he has his headphones on because he doesn’t like a lot of noise,” said Alex’s mother Veronica Chizum. “He’s a little extra sensitive to everything around him.”

“Anything can be adaptive,” said Fiona Allen, the recreational therapist at Avocation Therapy. “You just need to have a little creativity.” Added Stephanie Lara, marketing and sales director for Grand Station: “We don’t open until noon typically but we’re able to host different groups and things before we open so that it is a little bit calmer, a little bit quieter.”


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