Sega’s Shipping a “Compact” Daytona Cabinet

New Daytona Championship USA cabinets are rolling out of the Sega factory, offering a 42” cabinet with a smaller footprint that fits in more locations. The cabinet, featuring the recognizable Hornet car as a marquee, is wrapped in graphics from race sponsors and has colorful LED edge lighting.
“We had many customers asking us for an inexpensive compact cabinet for their location, so we answered their wishes with this spectacular new model. In developing this game, we maintained all the winning aspects that make Daytona Championship USA one of the top driving games on location. We also found ways to make this cabinet one of the most attractively priced driving game on the market,” said Sega Sales Manager Vince Moreno.
The game plays out on a 42” monitor in 60fps, and has an added four-speed shifter, new cars and everything from the original. More information here.

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