Play Meter Shuts Down


New Orleans-based Play Meter magazine has ceased publication after issuing its June 2018 edition. The full text of the magazine’s announcement appeared in the Amusement Resource Connection on-line newsletter dated Aug. 8, 2018. “At present, negotiations are ongoing for a possible new future for Play Meter,” was the last line in that announcement.

The magazine’s owner and publisher, Carol Lally, pegged Play Meter’s cessation to her own retirement rather than keep her publication going. The magazine was prepared and published out of their Louisiana office while she supervised things from her home in Arizona. The announcement made no specific mention about the employees’ situation, but it’s assumed they’ve all been let go.

Two editorial staff members had already solicited employment at RePlay magazine prior to the announcement. Phone calls had gone to voicemail and emails sent to Play Meter went unanswered since late June. When the July Play Meter failed to show up in the mail, that also gave interested spectators a clue as to the periodical’s situation. If or when Ms. Lally makes some kind of future deal for her title, we’ll report it.


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