Sega to Unveil “Timeless” Ring Toss Game


At this month’s EAG Show, Sega is set to launch a brand new redemption game based on the classic carnival concept, Hoopla. (Tradesters in the States will be able to see it at the Amusement Expo in March; it ships in April.) The timed ticket game challenges players to toss bright yellow hoops onto an arrangement of seven pegs to activate a bonus round, where they will have to react quickly and land a final hoop onto a moving peg.

Hoopla Cabinet“Just like any other skill wall game, Hoopla has intuitive gameplay that’s simple, fun and can be enjoyed over and over again. Best of all the wide playfield allows parents and kids or friends to team up creating a space for shared enjoyment,” said Sega GM Justin Burke. “This is a long-term piece that will last in any FEC for ten years or more. The genre is timeless, and allows player across all generations to play together – it provides fun on the day and memories to keep”

The game’s eye-catching, lowered cabinet is designed with kids in mind and features a rolling conveyor belt to feed every player a constant stream of rings to toss. According to Sega, operators across the world have found success adding a skill wall to their centers, and carnival games like Hoopla are a perfect addition to challenge your guests’ skills.

As mentioned, the game will be unveiled to the public at the EAG International Expo, which runs Jan. 17-19 in London. For more, click here.


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