VR a Slow Go Says N.Y. Times Report


Anyone who expected to see the latest coming of virtual reality blast onto the consumer market with gusto got a good reality check via a New York Times report on VR, as seen through the lens of last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The story quoted Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research, saying: “This is going to be a long slog, as the technology continues to improve, more content becomes available and awareness increases.” There are those, let us remind you, who believe VR will ultimately become a big force in future games and movies as well.

The Times story said that system sales at VR market leaders have been sluggish, while those using smart phones as their screens have been a bit better, though the adventure is hardly the same as with the goggles-on-the-head products from Oculus, HTC, Sony and the other big guys.

The Times also said that Intel held a VR news conference at the CES for around 250 people. They hooked them up with headsets and passed out motion sickness bags as well because nausea can be a side effect suffered by some players when the content is turbulent (no one reportedly used theirs during the demonstration). Intel said the bags were passed out more in fun than for usage. For the whole story, click here.


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