Sega Spooking Up Profits With Luigi’s Mansion


Every once in a while, there comes a game that can successfully translate its massive success as a consumer title to the arcade. (Although, many remember the days when that relationship went the other direction!) Sega believes they’ve found that success with its Luigi’s Mansion Arcade game. Luigi’s Mansion, a title that originally premiered in 2001 for the Nintendo Gamecube, has a bit of a cult following, and was considered a huge success for the system. Now, those same fans can find their friendly, green Italian plumber in the arcade.

The Nintendo licence has a strong family appeal, and Sega reports it is topping the income charts at FECs across the world. Don’t take their word for it, here’s what operators are saying:
Sydney Fernandez-Fasi from Fun Factory Inc. said, “Our Luigi’s Mansion games have been very steady and strong. They consistently rank in the first or second spot in our video game category.  Well worth the investment!”
Shawn Hetzel of Frankie’s Fun Parks said, “Luigi’s Mansion has been a great addition to our game room and is consistently a top performing video game.”
The game is played through a first person’s perspective, so player sees the action through Luigi’s eyes. The simple objective of catching pesky ghosts, gold coins and hidden treasures delivers family-friendly entertainment.
The game has a unique Poltergust 5000 player controller, which looks just like a vacuum cleaner and features a vibrating motor to simulate the fell of sucking up ghosts. An internal solenoid delivers the sensation of vacuumed-up objects hitting the inside of the controller, adding to the immersion. The action takes place in a theater-style two-player cabinet that features a bench seat, 55″ HD monitor and a back window so bystanders can get a peek at the action.
Justin Burke, General Manager at Sega, said, “The beautifully crafted haunted mansion cabinet stands out in any family entertainment center or game room. The various routes to explore and hidden objects to collect encourages players to keep coming back for more. All this helps keep Luigi’s Mansion Arcade at the number one earning spot in so many locations across the globe.”
Check out the video above for more.

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