Mabe for Coin-Op


Clarence Mabe plays Toss ‘Em with his grandson, Easton. Mabe invented it himself along with several other games.

August’s issue is off to the printer, and Instant RePlay is here to give you a sneak peek! In that issue, we profile the Mabe family and their storied time in coin-op. In 1978, then-teacher Clarence Mabe got into the game after noticing his high school students’ ravenous interest in the hottest new tech: video games. Clarence quickly bought a Space Invaders, and by the ’80s his route was booming.

Now, Clarence’s sons, Bucky and Rusty, have taken the helm of the family company, transforming it into the flashy, modernized FACE Amusement. Clarence worked hard through the industry’s ups and downs, building a business that could transcend generations. FACE focuses on serving tourist destinations with a unique blend of attractions like the confuddling Mirror Maize (an indoor corn maze augmented with mirrors), the Branson Coaster and their flagship FECs Big Top Arcade, Arcade City and Rockin’ Raceway.

Despite FACE Amusements’ new focus, the company stays true to its roots with an expansive route of amusement and coin-op equipment across four states. Learn more about FACE Amusement and the Mabe family in RePlay’s August issue.


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