Sega Showcases Games & IAAPA Tournaments


Sega reps put a spin on their IAAPA promotions this year with a variety of tournaments on the firm’s new games that ran throughout IAAPA week. To keep things exciting over at booths 1506 and 1606, the company offered a number of tournament events that ran during the first three days of the show. Winners of the events were announced on Thursday, Nov. 16, and got a variety of prizes.

Sega’s first IAAPA tournament was on the company’s new Hoopla game, developed with ICE. Players at the show tried to toss a hoop on all seven of the games’ hooks and complete the game’s bonus round with the highest score. The highest score won a Tokio technology bundle.

Sega’s next tourney was on the company’s Daytona Championship USA driver. The event utilized the game’s built-in tournament feature, allowing IAAPA attendees to participate throughout the show to hold the top spot for quickest race. The winner got a “limited edition Daytona 500 framed print,” according to the firm. Sega also encouraged operators of Daytona to attend free seminars concerning the game’s Party mode during the show.

Sega’s final tourney was on its Sonic Sports Basketball game. Shoot the most hoops, and get the prize! Players had to shoot through the game’s four stages, one of which includes a randomly moving hoop, and progress to the end. If IAAPA attendees couldn’t get in the high scores for these three tournaments, there was still a chance for them to win a prize. Every guest who left a business card at the firm’s booth was entered for a chance to win an Apple iPad.


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