QubicaAMF HyperBowling to IAAPA


The bowling mavens at QubicaAMF have a new product that’s getting bowlers and bowling center owners alike quite excited. After nearly three years of research and testing, the firm has announced HyperBowling, which they call a “revolutionary” new product.

Those attending the IAAPA Expo were able to tell for themselves at the company’s booth. HyperBowling blends software, advanced physical materials, mechanical design, futuristic user interfaces and new electronics and sensors to offer a new bowling experience.

“With HyperBowling you don’t need to be a bowler to win,” the company says, likening the new product to a “physical video game on a bowling lane.” HyperBowling comes with four different games, keeping the visual experience exciting to draw attention.

“HyperBowling is the first of our planned new products to unleash the future of bowling. It is a testament to our commitment to continue to develop major products to drive the success of bowling-based entertainment,” stated QubicaAMF Chairman Pat Ciniello (who also owns seven bowling and entertainment centers in southwest Florida). “I truly believe proprietors and new center investors will be as impressed and excited about this product and its potential as I am as a proprietor. HyperBowling has the potential to be a gamer changer for our industry.”


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