Sega Revs Up the Nostalgia With Daytona Remake


Sega is bringing back the classics with a new version of Daytona, the classic arcade racer from the ’90s! The game will feature brand new tracks, new cars and new game modes, but it doesn’t hesitate to recognize the nostalgia some guests may have for the original. All three of the original games’ race tracks have been remastered for the 21st century.

daytona-the-true-legend-is-backThe cabinet houses a 47″ LED monitor, is lit from top to bottom and has an engine molded below the seat. A live game camera takes bragging and competing with friends to a new level, while also supplying the 27″ video billboard marquee with fun content for spectators. Up to eight of the machines can be linked for group play.

“This is a game changer,” said R&D chief Patrick Michael. “This is a premium game that delivers on quality, player experience and operator features that sets a very high bar for arcade video racing games. Importantly we have based it on the original game engine that gave us the amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ feeling that we all grew to love.”

Sega has also included a party mode, which they say allows operators to run special events easily. To assist in troubleshooting, the manufacturer included “Sega-IQ Intelligent Service Menus,” which offer advice when a tech is attempting to fix an issue.

“At SEGA we have always been passionate about developing the best arcade racing games, it’s part of our DNA, so to have the opportunity to work on this title that truly captures the spirit of the racing scene in Daytona is nothing short of an honor,” commented Sega’s CEO Paul Williams.

The game is set to be available as of March 2017, and will be displayed at Sega’s IAAPA booth (#1606) this year. For more information, click here.


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