Sega Debuts Wheel in Europe,Hints at New House of the Dead


Sega Amusements is definitely one company that’s not slowing down! Company officials are on the show floor in London for this year’s EAG show, celebrating the debut of their Wheel of Fortune game in Europe for the first time. On top of that, a recent report from Arcade Heroes shows the company is starting to test another update to its beloved, zombie-filled House of the Dead series.

Wheel of Fortune, which was shown at IAAPA, comes from the redemption game pros at ICE, and seeks to ‘bring a real life game show feel to the arcade.’ The simple game includes a single lever that players pull to spin the eponymous wheel, adding letters to the puzzle and getting players closer to a mega win. Three formats exist for the Wheel of Fortune game, a standard deluxe cabinet with a single marquee, or two-player cabinet setups with different marquee styles. Sega, located at booth 534 at EAG this year, hopes to wow the crowds with this instantly recognizable franchise.

A reboot is long overdue for the House of the Dead franchise, with fans of Sega’s signature zombie franchise having to wait 12 years for any news. Arcade Heroes reports that the new game, which begins testing this Friday (Jan. 19) in Akihabara, Japan, is titled House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn. The game is expected to feature interior effects, amped up visuals, larger levels, longer gameplay and a nostalgic callback to many gamers who’ve spent heaps of quarters fighting through the franchise so far.

For more information, check out the website Sega set up to promote the game’s testing here. The site is in Japanese, but features some screenshots from the game. For more information on the test game, go to Arcade Heroes here.


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