Scorbit Announces Global Achievement Platform for Pinball; Jersey Jack Pinball Releases Integrated Support for Game Catalog


Scorbit has debuted Achievements, the latest in its series of features designed to elevate the player experience across internet-connected pinball machines worldwide, using their Scorbit Platform on machines ranging from older solid-state games from as far back as the ’70s to today’s latest titles. And, Jersey Jack Pinball has taken the next step in working with the company by announcing that they’re fully embracing the new feature set, launching it on their complete library beginning with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Sept. 23. (By the way, Scorbit says Achievements for more games from other manufacturers will follow.)

In short, Scorbit’s open platform brings pinball players together through connected games worldwide, tracking scores and recording data (including earnings) in real-time. It consists of a Scorbitron black-box device that they say can be installed on hundreds of different pinball machines (from solid-state games to classic dot matrix displays (DMDs) of the ’90s to LCD machines of today), a Scorbit subscription, and an app (for Android and iOS) that is the gateway for players, operators and home collectors alike. (Learn lots more by watching the video above and by visiting

To that existing toolset, they’re now adding the Scorbit Achievement Platform API which they say is “fully open to all game manufacturers and connects with Scorbit’s already existing global network.” Achievements works with the Scorbit app, ScorbitVision and other software integrations already available. “The platform bridges all of these features from games manufactured over fifty years of pinball, right up to modern machines today,” writes the company, working to increase play and engagement for players and revenue for operators, plus fun for collectors.

Achievements are new goals for pinball machines that can be set up by the developers of a game, a venue owner or an operator. There are a variety of goals that can be used, including real-time achievements that appear on the game displays; meta achievements that can transcend between games, locations or titles; and trophy achievements that are only held by one person in the world at a time. Achievements can be based on gameplay, time, location, people and other users, or another attribute at the discretion of the game designers. “Using Scorbit, games from the past have an entirely new twist when achievements are added to the platform,” adds the company.

As a game is played, supporting machines will tell players if they’ve unlocked achievements right on their own. Players are also notified by the mobile app of their achievements which are visible on their feeds and profiles. This takes place alongside Scorbit’s existing, automated leaderboards, challenges, and real-time scoring.

“Scorbit’s open platform API makes it easy for companies like Jersey Jack Pinball to integrate their games,” said Jay Adelson, chairman and co-founder of Scorbit. “They are being joined by most of the pinball manufacturers, designers, and creative community to enhance gameplay everywhere.”

Said JJP Founder Jack Guarnieri, “We chose to work with Scorbit to launch Achievements because we believe in open, accessible platforms. Players like being able to put both their old games and their JJP games on the same system, and since our launch of online support, Scorbit has proven they are the platform to do this.”

You can find Scorbit online at; Jersey Jack Pinball’s website is


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