QubicaAMF, Kegel Expand Partnership


QubicaAMF Worldwide and Kegel, the bowling lane machine maker, have entered into a new licensing and manufacturing agreement. According to QubicaAMF, the move makes Kegel their exclusive manufacturer and supplier for lane care and supplies.

As part of the agreement, Kegel will also be responsible for product development for the QubicaAMF chemical line. The agreement covers the VisFlo, Reactor, Utopia, Formula ACC, Formula 388, SureSlide and PinKeeper brands worldwide.

“Continuously developing and maintaining the best and broadest product line to help our customers grow is at the core of who we are,” said Jay Buhl, QubicaAMF’s executive vice president. “Kegel is the undisputed leader in lane care and lane maintenance. Together we share a similar philosophy and passion for innovation in our respective fields.”

Added Kegel CEO Chris Chartrand: “Our relationship goes back several years when Kegel began manufacturing some of the chemical products for QubicaAMF. This is a very natural progression of our relationship and we are excited to see all that Kegel can bring to the QubicaAMF chemical line.” Learn more at www.qubicaamfsupplies.com.


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