Sacoa Implements Time Wristbands at Dezerland Orlando


The Sacoa Cashless System team says it is updating operations at Dezerland Park Orlando to incorporate the use of time wristbands in the trampoline park, a move they say is “revolutionizing the visitor experience.” The 800,000-sq.-ft. Dezerland Orlando is owned by real estate developer Michael Dezer; Sacoa USA CEO Sebastian Mochkovsky owns/operates the entertainment and games for the massive venue.

Sacoa says its wristbands utilize advanced technology, featuring color-coded lights that indicate the remaining duration for attractions that are played by time. The changing of the color serves as a visual cue, notifying the wearer and the operator that it’s time to conclude the activity. “This approach improves operational efficiency while providing an extra level of convenience and clarity for both visitors and staff,” explains Sacoa.

“We are excited to advance the development of the time wristbands as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the overall visitor experience,” said Mochkovsky. “We are revolutionizing the way visitors interact with the trampoline park attractions. The time wristbands will enable to provide a seamless, efficient and enjoyable experience for the guests.”

The company says they will be finalizing the implementation of the time wristbands over the next few months and are conducting tests at the park’s facilities to ensure a successful launch.

Global Reach

Sacoa has also announced the completion of the completion of 25 installations within the two months across various countries, including Spain, the U.S., Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Of the 25 installations, 20 locations are already open to the public with the other five awaiting their grand openings. Sacoa says this global reach demonstrates their “commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions to customers all over the world.”

Among the products and solutions installed in these locations was Sacoa’s latest generation of Spark RFID readers, which they say provide seamless and secure cashless transactions for amusement centers. Also incorporated were Sacoa’s comprehensive suite of online modules, including CRM, Online Sales, and Online Party & Event Booking. The self-service Kiosk K4, designed to enhance guest convenience, was also featured among the installed solutions.

Pol Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa International, said, “We are very pleased with the progress we are making in collaboration with both first-time center owners and those expanding their businesses. Sacoa remains dedicated to supporting our customers in their pursuit of success and growth.”

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