Remote for TT Jukes Bows at Expo


It’s a common problem: An operator sets up a new TouchTunes jukebox, hands the remote control to the bartender and, what seems like minutes later, gets a call from the location saying that remote has been lost (or even destroyed when the bartender accidentally dumps it into the sink full of dishwater, for example).kylae_jordan Of course, TouchTunes sells replacements. But now, way back on the recent Amusement Expo exhibit floor, a company called Press On Products debuted its own TouchTunes-compatible remote which reportedly got a lot of attention from some operators and distributors.
Press On already makes and markets its A1LC remote for AMI jukeboxes; the TouchTunes one is simply called the T1. For more information, including pricing and availability, visit Both remotes were developed by Kaylae Jordan (pictured at right), Press On’s CEO and a man who’s been successfully marketing garage door openers for years.


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