Remembering Gene Lipkin

Gene Lipkin, Eddie Adlum, Al Kress

Gene Lipkin, RePlay’s Eddie Adlum and Al Kress .

“I was very saddened by the death of Gene Lipkin,” a note to RePlay from Al Kress began. “His throat cancer these past few years prevented him from eating solid food and then from speaking. He had to communicate by email or, if you were visiting him, by pen and pad.

“I knew Gene from his days at Allied Leisure, which is probably 55 years ago or thereabouts. I watched his career grow to become president of Atari. Recently, I looked over the list of machines being auctioned off by Captain’s Auctions and saw many of the successful Atari games up for sale which were made during his tenure at the helm where he gave the go-ahead for production.

“The last time we communicated, I knew his smart brain and his love of the games business were still with him. We discussed a great game idea that he hoped to make when he got better. I’ll miss him, and I’m hardly the only one who will.” Al Kress


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