Presto! Magician’s Wheel Shipping


Sega Magician's Wheel CabinetSega’s new mechanical ticket redemption game, Magician’s Wheel, is hitting the market and is one of the five machines eligible for a recently announced finance program through Firestone. (See Instant RePlay, Feb. 29.)

“When creating mechanical ticket redemption games, designers know what historically works and will often draw from the past to invent the future,” stated SEGA CEO Paul Williams. “With Magician’s Wheel, we’ve combined intuitive game play with a classic theme sure to enjoy plenty of action in family entertainment centers large and small.”

As soon as the player coins the machine up, a 40” wheel begins spinning. Using a single, large button, the player then tries to drop a mechanical flapper into the wheel’s path. This slowly brings the wheel to a stop, and if the player times the drop right, they win more tickets.

“The game has many things going for it,” continued Williams. “The carnival theme and sounds, its impressive size, attractive LED lighting effects, mechanical action and intuitive game play add up to a terrific game play experience.”

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