Apple Industries Attends Rental Show for First Time


Out of the 650 exhibitors at the American Rental Association’s annual convention this year, only one was displaying photo booths: Apple Industries. The convention, which was held in Atlanta from Feb. 21-24, is the rental industries’ premier event and Apple says it was there to capitalize on the market for photo booths.

“The ARA has been holding The Rental Show for 60 years but this was Apple’s first time to exhibit,” said Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. “It’s a natural venue for us because the rental industry and photo booths have been ‘going steady’ for over a decade. At this year’s 60th anniversary ARA show, rentals and photo booths officially ‘got married’ – with a few hundred visitors to our booth as witnesses!”

Weisberg also said that as a result of this exhibit, many leading rental companies would be adding Face Place photo booths to their portfolio of available equipment.

Apple spotlighted two machines they believe are ideal for rentals and parties. The portable Face Place Photo2Go is a collapsible, 400 lb. machine that has a built-in dolly and is easily moved by a single person. When opened for use, the machine is 63” long, compared to its 44” when configured for transport. The Face Place Photo Studio is a compact unit that has three standalone modular components – a touchscreen interface, storage/vending, photo backdrop – and is transported in three portable cases.

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