PopCom the Future of Vending?


An automated retail technology startup, specializing in smart vending and kiosk solutions, recently announced a second equity crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine. Essentially, it looks like the vending machine of the future – sleek, savvy and able to vend all types of different products. “If it fits, it sells,” the company’s website notes.

Founder and CEO Dawn Dickson has more than 2,200 investors and raised a whopping $1 million during the 2019 first investment wave, according to Black Business.

“While some industries are hurting, the requirement for social distancing validates the need for vending and retail automation,” she said. “We believe that the market will continue to move toward self-service and contactless retail.” That’s especially true, they say, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

PopCom is now taking orders for their proprietary vending machine, the PopShop Kiosk. Visit www.popcom.shop for more information.


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