Pinball-Only Photographer Shoots the Art of the Game


Charles Acosta, owner of Pinball Photos LLC, has turned his love of pinball into a career as the only known photographer that focuses solely on pinball machines, says The Magazine Plus. Acosta credits Jersey Jack Pinball with helping launch his own brand.

“The photos I saw of pinball machines when I started back in 2017 were basic, ordinary and disappointing,” said Acosta, who immigrated to the U.S. in 2003 from the Dominican Republic, where pinball is all but non-existent. “There was no color, no concept, no detail or emotion. It wasn’t art and this was happening throughout the entire pinball industry.”

As Acosta began shooting, Jack Guarnieri’s Jersey Jack Pinball took notice. Acosta photographed their Pirates of the Caribbean machine, which The Magazine Plus said “created a new standard within the industry.”

“Without the help of Jersey Jack Pinball, this would never have become a reality,” he said. “This is a company that recognizes innovation and supports talent. My images are pieces of art that have now graced several publications such as Forbes, Kerrang! and Louder.” View more of his work at


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