Philly Bans Cashless Retailers


The City of Brotherly Love is showing some love to ATM operators, with Mayor James Kenney recently signing into law a measure that would ban cashless retail establishments.


With Kenney’s signature on Feb. 28, Philadelphia became the first major city to require stores, restaurants, and other retailers to accept cash. Set to go into effect on July 1, violators of the new law will be penalized up to $2,000. Exceptions will include parking garages, wholesale clubs, and rental agencies, as well as sales made online and by phone.

The law, which was hotly debated, passed the city council by a 12-4 vote, and was subject to pressure from a number of local businesses. According to local media outlets, the retail giant Amazon quietly pushed back against the law in anticipation of opening a cashless brick-and-mortar Amazon Go outlet in the city.

The National ATM Council lauded the decision, expressing its continued support of banning cashless establishments.

Similar laws are currently under consideration by New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco. New Jersey’s legislature has passed a comparable law that is currently awaiting the Governor Phil Murphy’s signature.


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